Who We Are

Our Members

FoodLab members are food processing, retail, and distribution businesses in Metro Detroit who share a long-term vision for a more healthy, fair, and green food economy for our region. Learn more about how to join our community of good food businesses.

Our Ecosystem

One of the primary functions of FoodLab is to connect our community of businesses with a broader good food movement in Detroit. We maintain relationships with technical assistance providers, regulatory agencies, policy-makers, suppliers, foodies, food justice organizations, and other players in our ecosystem who are key to the health of our good food business community. Learn more about how to become a FoodLab ally or partner.

Our Leadership

Our steering committee and staff help to harness the wisdom and energy of our broader community towards our collective mission. Learn more about leadership within FoodLab.

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2 responses to “Who We Are

  1. Hi there! I am a small coffee grower in Venezuela ; ie there a way i could become a piece in your ecosystem? Hope to hear from you soon

    • Hi Luis! It’s great to hear from you. We’d love to have you join as an individual ally. Can we come to visit if we’re ever in Venezuela?

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