September 5, 2016

Our vision is a world where we put people and the planet first. As the convener, storyteller, and -- with the momentum of a whole community, FoodLab Detroit is a catalyst for change in the local food movement and as we grow we are looking to recast the role...
September 5, 2016
FoodLab Detroit Presents - Building A Values Based Food Brand

As organizations worldwide begin to understand how future business models become critical to the shift toward a global sustainable economy, the FoodLab community is focused on understanding and leveraging the role their businesses play in shaping this flourishing future.

September 5, 2016
FoodLab Detroit Presents - Activating Leadership in the Good Food Business Community 2016

Already, businesses across the globe -- including the small locally-owned businesses who belong to FoodLab -- are experimenting with new ways of operating that respect natural limits and are more in touch with local community capacity and needs. 

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