FoodLab 2019 Preferred Vendors

FoodLab and Integrity Shows are teaming up for the third year to present a traveling FoodLab culinary tent for specialty food producers ONLY.

FoodLab's culinary tent aims to showcase "food crafters" in the FoodLab community who are dedicated to their craft and who produce sustainable foods.  This culinary tent is our way of celebrating & providing an opportunity for the thoughtful and responsible food crafters in our community to connect with the growing number of consumers that value quality, care & craftsmanship.

Now in our third year: FoodLab's culinary tent will only feature products in one of the following categories: chocolate, coffee, tea, fresh-pressed juices, baker's confections, honey, healthy snacks, pantry items, pickles, preserves, sauces, and oils.

If you are producing a delicious, authentic, well-crafted and responsibly produced consumer packaged good in one of the categories mentioned above, please stay tuned! We'll be releasing the 2019 RFP and event schedule/procedures in early spring. 

Read more about FoodLab's 2018 Culinary Tent here...