Brooklyn Street Local: A Day in the Life

The Mind Behind the Menu


As noted by the name of the restaurant that Deveri Gifford co-owns, Brooklyn Street Local reigns supreme on local. By spending a day with Deveri, I got to see first-hand the mind behind a menu that changes daily to incorporate whatever ingredients are available. We started by shopping for produce at Eastern Market, the largest farmers market in the United States. The Market runs on Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesdays during the summer months. Saturday is the largest, most bustling day, with over 225 market vendors showing up to sell. Although there is the most variety on Saturdays, Deveri prefers the Tuesday market. It is easier for her to make her way through and buy exactly what she needs without getting bogged down by extraneous visitors. She is able to weave her way through the crowded sheds with ease, pulling her small cart behind her, reaching all the vendors that she needs to in order to make it through the rest of the week at Brooklyn Street Local.

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