Amfrintage Foods

Amfrintage Foods


Detroit, 48204
Here at Amfrintage we are are focused on building a brand that represents reliabilty, consistency, and loyalty. The first line of products (which will be called MC's Barbecue Sauce and Mc's Marinade Sauce) that Amfrintage Foods will present is a signature Barbecue Sauce and Marinade. There is an all-purpose Marinade that can be paired with 4 different flavors of barbecue sauce(Original, Lemon Pepper, Sweet & Spicy, and Blazin' Hot). The Marinade is a savory sauce that leaves your food tenderized and bursting with flavor. While, the Barbecue sauce is lip smacking bread sopping good!

What Good Food Means to Us

Amfrintage Foods believes that every healthy community needs resources. Therefore we intend to build a company name that is known to give back to non-profit organizations that help meet the immediate needs of those who live in the community. Along with that Amfrintage foods will use local grown and manufactured products to allow other local food distributers to grow and prosper as well.

Business Type

Specialty Food Processor