Beau Bien Fine Foods

Beau Bien Fine Foods

Beau Bien Fine Foods was founded in 2010 by Noelle Lothamer and Molly O'Meara. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality sweet and savory preserves, chutneys and fruit mustards that burst with the fresh flavors of our local harvest. By using less added sugar than conventional jams, Beau Bien is able to maintain an unparalleled fruit flavor that is uniquely complemented by the addition of herbs, flowers, teas and spices.

What Good Food Means to Us

Our love of good food and community is what brought us together, and as we grow so does our commitment to owning a business that helps support our world in sustainable ways. Whether it's building personal relationships with growers who are committed to better growing practices, or sharing our experiences (and lessons we've learned the hard way) with newer business owners, we believe a strong network of like-minded food businesses is vital to building a stronger, healthier and more equitable Detroit.

Business Type

Specialty Food Processor