Brene's Garden Of Vegan

Brene's Garden Of Vegan


Dearborn, 48126
(313) 598-6662
Brene’s Garden of Vegan is a Plant based Catering and Personal Chef Service. We offer many gourmet dishes and dessert options to choose from. We can assist you with your special event from the food to the event planning. We can even assist you in your kitchen by preparing your next meal.

What Good Food Means to Us

Brene’s Garden of Vegan aim is to provide healthier plant based options with locally grown ingredients to not just vegans but to those who are interested in transitioning into the plant based lifestyle and those who just want to explore plant based cuisine. Brene’s Garden of Vegan want everyone to have access to healthier food options and we are able to do this by bringing our skills to their home as their personal chef or to their special event as their caterer.

Business Type

Pre-launch Business