Celebrity Chef Maya Llc

Celebrity Chef Maya Llc


Detroit, 48202
206 919 8709
Celebrity chef maya privides restaraunt quality fine dining in thevcimfort of your own home or private venue. Fancy Ass Olives is our line of marinated Italian olives availabe for retail and wholesale.

What Good Food Means to Us

Im a Detroit native that just moved home. I'm seeking accessibility and community. Im also dedicated to the revitalization of my city. I want to be a part if detroits food revolution and I have a particular mission to be a catalyst in people of color eating better food in Detroit! I will source locally always.. And if its not available locally I will order from local importers. I'm bringing years of experience home and I want to help as many people and businesses in my community as possible.

Business Type

Caterer, Pop-ups and Special Events