Detroit Soul

Detroit Soul


Detroit, 48234
(313) 690-0619
Detroit Soul is a family-based organization talented in comfort food preparations and catering ambience. This group of owners have a passion and zeal to ensure that every customer encounter is one that creates a sense of changing the soul food experience, FOREVER!! All products are cooked with fresh ingredients and precise recipes; from delicious lunch and dinner meals to classic sides and desserts; such a great taste can only be found at home. The same attention and care placed in the cooking process is also the hallmark invested into their customer service experience.

What Good Food Means to Us

"Detroit Soul will provide traditional Home style soul food meals. The base of providing these meals will be carryout providing convenience service for working customers will little to spare. Detroit Soul will provide catering services for public event, business meeting, home gathering, corporate events, all personal family events (re-past, birthdays, holidays, weddings, reunions etc.). Detroit Soul will provide community involvement services. Detroit Soul and its founders have a special place in their hearts for the City of Detroit and neighborhood community. It is, after all, their home. As a first act of gratitude, Detroit Soul is offering an exclusive weekly 10% discount special on Tuesdays for all Senior Citizens over 65 year of age, US Military Veterans, Detroit Police Department & Detroit Fire Department employees! Next project includes “Teddy Bears” campaign for hospitalized children. Community service and neighborhood involvement will be a continuous effort as Detroit Soul is currently apart of the Osborne Business Association and Youth Development Initiative in the Osborne District. "

Business Type

Full Service Restaurant