Experience Relish

Experience Relish


Detroit, 48219
(248) 918-3588
Relish is in a pre-launch stages of developing food experiences where education and food are one in the same. We want to provide services such as catering large and small events, date night, curriculum surrounding around food education, meal prep, educational cooking classes for all ages, and personal chef services. In addition we plan to seek opportunities where Relish obtains a food truck surrounded around community involvement,empowerment and youth development where we will provide meals for our neighborhoods. #projectfeedtheblock

What Good Food Means to Us

Relish's mission is to create a social-environmental experience through food that evokes the intentions to create true connections with the community. Inspired by trust, we know our growth and success is based upon our holistic relationships with individual needs first, while utilizing local food connoisseurs and farmers in every food experience maintaining our willingness to capture being "in the moment". We will always create moments with food that will create lasting memories and promote education. What better way to retain knowledge is to create wonderful memories you will never forget. You have to experience Relish to believe it. #FEEDTHESOUL

Business Type

Pre-launch Business