Establishing Principles for Good Food, Good Jobs

Why Good Food? Why Good Jobs?

At FoodLab Detroit, we know that in order to build a more equitable city, communities must be empowered to reach their full potential. To be empowered, individuals must have access to those things that enable one to live a healthy, productive lives: nourishing food, high-quality jobs, and opportunities for growth. In partnership with the Work Department, a women-led social innovation design firm, the FoodLab Detroit Strategy Council members participated in a series of three interactive working sessions over the course of six weeks to define the core principles that enable the creation of Good Food and Good Jobs.

At FoodLab Detroit, we know that the key to promoting equitable and sustainable change is to assure that our work is informed by our community. With this in mind, we convened a strategy council of FoodLab member businesses who embody FoodLab's core values. These business owners go beyond providing wholesome, nourishing food, and operate triple-bottom-line businesses intentionally to empower individuals and support their communities' vision for health and well-being.

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