2019 Recipes: A Good Food Accelerator Kick Off Night

Wednesday, Mar 13, 2019

Now more than ever, consumers want to know the story behind the food they eat: how it was grown or raised and what impact its production and distribution had on the environment. Since 2011, FoodLab Detroit has been supporting a community of socially and environmentally responsible food companies out there creating delicious, nutritious, natural, accessible food, and now we’re in a position to provide these companies with the ability to scale!

One of the things we learned from our first two classes of the Accelerator is the top three challenges most food business face when scaling up are:

high overhead for equipment, inventory and staff means there’s never enough working capital
finding and managing a good co-packer, brokers and distributors
accessing affordable qualitative and quantitative insights and using them to make decisions that drive sales and velocity
At FoodLab, we’re all about helping good food businesses address those challenges and we’re ready to provide them with the tools & resources necessary to access up to $45,000 in capital and an entire ecosystem of support.

Our 2019 Accelerator is tailored to the needs of good food businesses and is based on our newly designed hands-on advising model. Each entrepreneur will be assigned a lead advisor who will guide them through tailored work plans and track progress toward their sustainability goals. Accelerator companies will receive advice on business strategy, finance, organizational development, supply chain transparency, human resources, marketing and branding.


Common Pub | 5440 Cass Ave, Detroit

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