Choosing and Using a CoPacker: A recipe for success

Choosing and Using a CoPacker
Thursday, Apr 9, 2015

At FoodLab Detroit it's been exciting to see many of our member businesses take that critical next step in the economic growth of their companies!  They're starting to transition from commercial kitchens to larger-scale manufacturing facilities --- that's wonderful; but it hasn't been easy!   There is a lot you need to know, because the complexities of scaling a product can be overwhelming, even to a experienced food/beverage entrepreneur. 

Unless you plan to build your own production facility, at some point you'll need to use a co-packer as your sales volume increases.
Are you thinking of moving from a commercial kitchen to your own facility or a contracted manufacturing facility?

Do you have a mutually beneficial relationship with your contract manufacturer?

Do you know the legal implications of working with a contract manufacturer related to: protection of intellectual property, food safety and recall procedures, contractual obligations, etc.

Do you want to know the best practices in contract manufacturing of food products?

Join us on Thursday, April 9th from 6pm - 8pm at The GrandRiver workPLACE and learn how a CoPacker can help you achieve maximum utilization of physical and financial resources and save you time.


The Grandriver workPLACE
19120 Grandriver Ave.
Detroit, MI. 48223

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