FoodLab Offices Closed

Saturday, Dec 14, 2019

Dear FoodLab Community,

Currently at the FoodLab office, we are reflecting on our programming amidst the continual flow of our day-to-day work.  

Earlier this year, through our "On The Table" roundtable series, we started a dialogue in Detroit about the culture in kitchens most people felt that they couldn't speak about openly - mental health, sexual harassment, labor shortage, professionalism, long hours, gender & race inequality, etc.  

We're super proud of our "On The Table" roundtable series, and while we're really starting to see a shift in the restaurant culture; we have more work to do.  But now that the dialog has started, we will be creating more spaces for these types of critical connections, and that includes launching Dream Cafe in 2020. 

We need to ensure that our goals for launching Dream Cafe and cultivating these critical connections speak to the truest parts of who we and what we're trying to do so for the next few months we'll be less engaged online, in person and we'll be slower to respond than usual, we ask for your patience and understanding.  With the additional breathing room provided by our holiday schedule we will be able to make important accessibility upgrades to the FoodLab experience, while designing even richer & critical content.

Christmas & New Year: FoodLab Offices Closing December 14 - January 5

  • No programming or 1-on-1's during this time period

Further into the future, we'll be sharing more information about Dream Cafe and FoodLab's partnership with Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation to develop a neighborhood food hall. 

At FoodLab we know that to make a difference in the world around us, we first need to focus on ourselves so during the upcoming holiday season we'll be envisioning a new future in food rooted in equity, compassion, balance, deliciousness and listening to our bodies. 

Thank you for being apart of the FoodLab community,

Devita & the FoodLab Staff