FoodLab Detroit presents "How To" Workshop Series: Core Classes For Early Stage Good Food Entrepreneurs

FoodLab presents "How To" Series: Core Classes For Early Stage Good Food Entrepreneurs

Do you have a favorite recipe that everyone raves about? Have you often thought about producing and selling it? Whether it is your homemade bread, sorbet, or banana pudding, everyone says it is the best they have ever tasted!
At FoodLab we’ve worked with numerous food entrepreneurs and we know that bringing a product to market can be exciting and rewarding, but we also know that it will be time consuming and hard work.

That’s why we created this “How To Series”. We developed the classes in this series to help you get started as a food entrepreneur.  We’ve gathered successful food business owners along with industry experts in the food industry to guide you through the process and to help you define your start-up and growth decisions in a supportive environment that gives you comfort and ease.


It is very important to understand the proper steps needed to turn a recipe into a profitable product. You can’t simply make a food item in your home kitchen, place it in a container, and start selling it. You need to follow the many production and labeling requirements that exist to keep consumers safe. You need to understand the markets you want to enter. You need to get your product to those markets. You need to know how to manage your inventory. You need to determine the correct selling price for your product and much more.

For starters, we’ve created this checklist here to give you some things to think about.  Please fill out the checklist before your first class so that we have a better idea on how to best serve your needs.  

Look what we have in store for you!

  • How To Start A Food Business
    May 18th
    Presenter(s): Nabeleh Ghareeb, Executive Director, FoodLab Detroit and Jess McClary, CEO, McClary Brothers
  • How to Apply For A Food Establishment License
    May 25th
    Presenter: Natasha Horne, Field Scientist, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • How To Find A Commercial Kitchen That's RIght For You?
    May 26th
    Presenter: Devita Davison, Marketing and Communications Director, FoodLab Detroit
  • How To Manage Your Inventory
    June 8th
    Presenter(s):  Jacob Schoenknecht, Small Batch Director, Detroit Food Academy and Karen Timmelman, Co-Founder, Bareo
  • How To Choose And Use A Co-Packer
    June 15
    Presenter(s): Maggie Cook-Garcia, Owner, Maggie’s Salsa and Micah Loucks, Counselor, Michigan State University- Product Center 

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