FoodLab's Annual Network Gathering at Allied Media Conference: The Future of Work in Detroit

FoodLab Detroit
Sunday, Jun 4, 2017
FoodLab's Annual Network Gathering

At FoodLab, we are not surprised that the sustainable business community in Detroit has been garnering much attention lately. Our organization was founded on the belief that sustainability principles offer real, practical solutions to our city's deep troubles of economic inequality, environmental damage, inclusive growth and fraying social ties. While we've made some progress, we are still far short of a just and inclusive city where all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.

As we've all seen this week, our current administration presents a huge challenge for those who believe in a sustainable future. We're seeing the efforts to undermine needed regulations and laws addressing climate change, clean water, health care and workplace policies. But we never expected change to be easy.

Join us on Thursday, June 15th at FoodLab's Annual Member Network Gathering because now more than ever, we need to reaffirm our commitment leading from a triple bottom line perspective, and advocate in a compelling, courageous, unified and unwavering voice.

Why are we hosting this network gathering
This network gathering aims to involve FoodLab member businesses who have a level of understanding of the troubling trend of rising economic inequality in the Detroit Metropolitan area and wants to address this issue by specifically focusing on the creation of higher quality jobs.

In this gathering, we will take stock of the sources available to measure conditions and progress toward equitable economic growth in Detroit. Policy Link will release their new Equity Profile of the City of Detroit at this event. (Note: some of FoodLab's partners and allies have been invited to attend this part of the agenda).

Our network gathering will help businesses grow, learn and build together; this is the space where we'll collectively design the tools needed to promote standards for measuring, bench-marking, and improving your businesses' impact.

At this network gathering our mission is not to tell you what you need to do to be a better business. Our goal is to help make certain that you're asking the right questions, which only you can answer. Does your business serve a higher purpose? Where are the opportunities unique to your business? What practices can you implement that would create a business that is better for workers, your community, the environment, and better for your bottom line?

The real power of this network gathering is that you'll have the ability to engage with other FoodLab member businesses that are doing innovative things through business to make the environment better and they are creating more of a social/relationship-based economy, focused on people and connections, rather than only financial transactions.

This gathering is not for everyone
It was created for the FoodLab members who are:
Curious, inquisitive and passionate about issues of inequality, unemployment and underemployment in Detroit.

Ready to experience different ways of learning and doing by immersing yourself in an learning environment with an open mind

Generous with your knowledge and willing to contribute as much as you get out

If you are a FoodLab member business ready to move toward a reality where quality jobs are the standard— not the exception, this network gathering is for you.

We have been privileged to watch a community form around a simple idea: to redefine success in business. Join us on Thursday, June 15th. I'm confident that you'll find the wisdom in the experiences of other FoodLab Member Businesses that speaks to you.