Member Highlight: Michal Nodel of Marcia's Munchies

For the purpose of easily-understood titles, Marcia said we can call her a co-founder of Marcia’s Munchies. The spark for the business came from her mother-in-law, Marcia, the namesake and the product innovator who began making pickled snacks over thirty years ago for her kids. Marcia’s Munchies offers five products, all-natural, hand-packed, and of the pickled variety. In 2014, their Sweet ‘N Sassys (their original bread-and-butter style pickles) won a national Good Food Award. For that, they were invited to be a part of the Good Food Mercantile in New York, which took place the day before New York’s Fancy Food Show. It was while perusing the Fancy Food Show that Michal met Jeni of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. 

Michal had a deep respect for Jeni and the way her company approached a recent setback when Listeria was found in their product, the start of a national recall. Jeni shared about her company’s life after Listeria and their renewed and newly-nuanced focus on health and safety in production. (You can read all of Jeni's insights around this recent history in her blog.) Michal shared about the FoodLab community of good food businesses that share Jeni’s thoughtful, holistic approach to doing business. 

To Michal, FoodLab is "such a vehicle for connection" and it was the platform on which she could extend an invitation to Jeni for a visit to Detroit. On her own it may not have worked, but with a community to call on and Jeni's new desire to share her lessons around Listeria and good business practice, Michal said Detroit may be just the first stop for talks around good health, good business, and good ice cream. 

Michal has been a powerful member of the FoodLab community, providing her design skills to help produce FoodLab's licensing map and always advocating at trade shows and events around the country.