Nosh Pit: A Day in the Life

Nosh Pit Detroit has been having quite the eventful year. After winning first place for Best Hummus at ShawarmaFest last November and second place at both the International Vegetarian Food Fest last October and the Mobile-Cuisine Vegan-Vegetarian Food Truck of the Year in July, you may think their heads would be slightly inflated. Yet by spending time with them, I found that they are anything but. I spent the afternoon with Karen Schultz, co-owner of Nosh Pit, and her two young employees working on a rainy Monday at Cadillac Square Park. Between making delicious vegetarian sandwiches and doing what needed to be done to keep the truck in good shape, we were able to discuss Karen's history with food, where she sees the future of food trucks in Detroit going, and everything in between. I was able to sample Nosh Pit's food and truck culture as well as those of many of the other trucks in the flock that was a part of Downtown Street Eats, a program that features a different group of food trucks every week during the summer.

We were neighbored on one side by GrillWich Tot Shop and by Chef Cari Kosher Catering on the other. The owners of the different food trucks talked and shared food with one another, as it was a slower day because of inclement weather. While fast paced days are more successful monetarily, “I like rainy days, because you’re actually able to eat and enjoy one another’s company,” Schultz said. Although there was rain, there were enough customers; I got to see every dish be prepared, from the Karen grilled cheese to the Larry corned beet sandwich. I even had the chance to make the Larry.

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