October Good Food Gazette - News from the front lines of Detroit's good food business movement

October Good Food Gazette - News from the front lines of Detroit's good food business movement

Dear Friends:  All around us, FoodLab members are taking small steps in their businesses to change their communities for the better.  Just Look around!  Last week, while accompanying Jeni Britton Bauer on a tour of FoodLab member businesses, I was convinced that we are entering into a unprecedented era of sustainable, inclusive prosperity for all; because I see it in the choices that FoodLab members are making - - - working together in production spaces, revitalizing blighted buildings, sourcing produce from local farmers, supporting member's fundraising campaigns, cheering each other on in competitions, shopping at fellow member businesses, collaborating at events, distributing each others products and learning together at workshops and seminars. FoodLab is a mighty village and our community is fundamental to everything we do!  

Thanks to Jeanette Pierce, an amazing tour guide and our ally highlight this month, Jeni fell in love with Detroit and was inspired by our community.  She said, “At Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream we are proud to be a company that is more than just a business, much like FoodLab, we are a community too. We feel a sense of responsibility to every community that we serve, including our coworkers, our suppliers, and our customers."

I see enormous hope in this passion for businesses to be a force for positive change and that's why I'm excited about our upcoming Member Summit. On Friday, November 13th FoodLab members will come together to continue to think of ways to be better — better business owners, better for employees, better for communities, and better for the environment.  We will ask the question, “what can we do together that we can’t do alone?” to move closer to our shared vision of a society that enjoys a shared and durable prosperity. 

We Are the people who are the answer to what we want the world to be! We Are united by a vision of a collaborative society that shares a commitment to redefine business as a force for positive social and environmental change. #WEAREFOODLAB!

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