The Process at a Glance: A Reflection on BASE 2014

We are just about halfway through our 2014 series of BASE and we asked a current participant to reflect on his experience so far. Stefan Kudek is working through the development of a food truck featuring vegetarian sandwiches and he's calling it "The Nosh Pit Detroit" with the tagline "No Bologna Sandwiches." We dig it. Here's what Stefan had to say:

  • "I didn't know what to expect from BASE, but what I found makes me glad that I took a chance and sent in my application.
  • "Perhaps the most surprising thing I've experienced is how invigorated I feel at the end of each session. No matter my mood at the beginning, by the end I feel ready to take on the world with my food truck. I often doubt myself when thinking about pursuing this business, but when I walk out of each session, buoyed by the support and positive energy of the group, I feel like I can do anything.
  • "I don't know if my business will succeed or fail, but I feel confident that by the end of BASE I'll have the tools, resources, and contacts necessary to have a fighting chance. Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to business, but after BASE I feel that I'll be ready."

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