Seven reason why you should join the FoodLab community

With the growing rate of food entrepreneurs and new food businesses popping-up across Detroit neighborhoods, owners are looking to develop a sense of community with their colleagues in the food industry. At FoodLab, we believe this interest has developed from a desire to exchange ideas, get assistance and tap into a support system to help get through the barriers and challenges of owning and operating a food business.

FoodLab member Alecha Benson said, “Nirvana Tea Inc. joined FoodLab because of the strong leadership, resources & the mission of the organization. The workshops and networking opportunities have been invaluable.  We had the opportunity to connect with a local distributor at a FoodLab event. The FoodLab culture is to keep moving forward & pay it forward as you grow. “

As we watch our members build lasting relationships within our community, we are now more certain than ever that success is really contingent on the networks that you are a part of.  Every story of success is really a story of community.  The question is, will you embrace the power of community.

Here are seven reasons why you should join the FoodLab community:

1. Support From Seasoned Peers
One major advantage of belonging to FoodLab Detroit is getting access to seasoned food entrepreneurs who have seen it all and have some great “war stories” to share. Not only do our members give great advice about proven best strategies, but they also know a lot more people than you do and are often willing to connect you to additional resources. That is reason alone to join our community.

2. A Community Management Team
Another major benefit of belonging to FoodLab Detroit is having access to a professional community management team. F or example, FoodLab’s Membership Engagement Director connects FoodLab members to curated business resources and makes warm introductions on demand, making our list of resources and guides some of the most coveted information for FoodLab members.

3. Access to Discounted Vendors and Services
If you’re just starting a food-based business, you need to figure out everything from licensing, food safety, nutritional fact labeling to local sourcing, insurance and marketing on your own. Luckily, FoodLab can help you access what you need, often at a better price.

4. Curated Networking
Entrepreneurship can be lonely. Let’s admit it - friendships, for entrepreneurs, is hard.  You’re busy! Most entrepreneurs have primary commitments to their families and in the little free time, it’s hard to keep up current friendships. Furthermore, how often can you really talk honestly about your business even to your friends, husband, wife, lover, or significant other? They truly cannot understand the unique tension that many entrepreneurs wake to every day as you rise to try to methodically slay our individual business dragons.  FoodLab offers both in-person member only events, technical workshops lead by industry experts and personal connections (online and off) who can help your business grow.

5. Strength in Numbers
While being an entrepreneur can be exciting and satisfying, it’s also challenging, so it helps to know you have the support of an entire community. Whether you want to form a coalition to challenge industry regulations or just need someone to listen, having peers to support you is critical. With FoodLab Detroit, whenever you have a challenge or a business need, there are 150+ locally-owned food businesses located across the Detroit metro area that you can connect with at any given time.

6. Leads and Brand Visibility
FoodLab offers marketing and public relations tools that you can leverage to generate leads and conversions. For example, FoodLab positions its members as thought leaders through conference speakers, panelist and media exposure opportunities. And don’t forget, your fellow FoodLab members are potential leads for your business—what you offer professionally may be useful to them, and vice versa.

7. Attention on Industry News
It is easy to work in a vacuum, handling daily operations, putting out fires, and living and breathing your own business. However, you may find that distracts you from what is going on around you, including events, and initiatives that impact the food industry or the overall small business environment in Detroit. Joining the FoodLab community keeps you attuned to what is happening that could impact your business, as well as to ideas that might change your strategy or perception of what your customers need and want.

Every successful entrepreneur needs a community – FoodLab Detroit is here to help you build yours. We’re now accepting new membership applications until April 30th! Join today by clicking on the link:

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