[We Are FoodLab, a storytelling project] "I AM BECAUSE WE ARE": Harriette Brown and Ann Alexander

We Are FoodLab, a storytelling project

Harriette: “Ann and I have worked together on catering assignments, and demonstration classes as well as pop ups.  To Ann, I lend my knowledge and she keeps me centered. We bounce ideas off each other and help each other. I believe we’re kindred spirits.

I love Food lab for its sense of community, family, friends and inclusiveness.  I adore my fellow FoodLab members and I’m happy to have them as a part of my village.”

I am because #WeAreFoodLab,
Harriette Brown, Owner, Sisters on a Roll

Ann: “Harriette and I were working at a WCCCD event and it was not going well for either of us.  Harriette graciously moved me from an isolated section of the building and then put our food products together for sale!!  She saved me from losing a lot of money that day. I liked her spirit, she is non-competitive and helpful.  When I need coaching on service and product pricing, Harriett is my go-to-person.  Both Harriette and I recognize one another's strengths. When I get irritable, she does not respond negatively. Harriett is a peaceful spirit at all times.  When she gets anxious and stressed, I reel her back in, I talk her down and back to the reality of the situation.  Harriett has a habit of saying what can't be done and I like to show her that it can be done, and the different ways to accomplish the mission.  We challenge one another in cooking and creativeness. And Harriett has the same passion for food that I possess.

For me, the collaboration between Harriette and I embodies the heart and foundation of Foodlab.  There is no competitiveness, only a helpful, collaborating relationship. It is the same with other members of FoodLab; when someone is in need, all they need do is holla and members come running with supplies, guidance, info, etc. We help one another. Harriett and I run our separate businesses, but we reserve room to collaborate for the growth of the good.

When I shine, We shine!!! When you Shine, I Shine!!! #WeAreFoodLab,
Ann Alexander, Owner, Divine Thyme