What We Do

Our menu of programs and projects adapts to the needs of our growing member community. We keep our ears open and remain nimble so we can respond to opportunities to collaborate with partners, test new ideas, and improve on existing design.

Our work mostly falls into three buckets: CULTIVATING, CONNECTING, and CATALYZING.



We help individual food businesses start-up, grow, and experiment with ways to contribute to the greater good by incorporating triple-bottom-line values into long-term vision and day-to-day operations.


We can't cultivate healthy businesses without a healthy ecosystem. So we help members build relationships with each other and with allies they'll need along the way. Our specialty is unconventional connections across social and sector boundaries.


Most challenges are too big for businesses to tackle alone. We work with our members, our allies, and our partners on big-picture projects in service of our vision to make good food a reality for all Detroiters.