Community Action

Year-round, members provide guidance and input to staff on needs, opportunities, priorities, and strategies to grow the good food business ecosystem. But there are always more ideas for projects and programs than we have time or resources to pursue. In order to prioritize our collective energy and make sure we're "pulling together" as a community, each year, at our annual Member Summit, FoodLab staff leads a process where members discuss, vote, and work to define goals and strategy around a Community Action. This conversation leads to an annual Community Action Project with specific and achieveable metrics for success.

Community Action Goals are publicly-facing commitments that we make as a community guided by input from our ecosystem and information from staff. These are similar to a nonprofit's objectives or a business team’s targets, but they are defined and chosen cooperatively by our membership. We set our first Community Action Goals at our first Member Summit in November 2013.

Recent Posts

When Dawn joined last year's FoodLab BASE cohort in March of 2014, she was mainly a grower (and, of course, growing is still central to what she does). At her farm in Corktown, Labrosse Farm, Dawn cultivates heirloom tomato and pepper plants and is keenly interested in the full life-cycle...

Ever since her shop, SWEET: A Confections Boutique, opened its doors on Mack Avenue, Michele has repeatedly invited other FoodLab members with shelf-stable products to fill her shelves. From the outside, you can recognize her shop by the vibrant pink paint (the same pink in her logo) that won&...

How We Stand Together
In this last year, we have witnessed profound tragedy across the United States in the violence against Black communities and people of color. In the last six months, we’ve seen Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson ignite a movement that transcends one young man’s life and returns our gaze to the struggle for humanity, for equity and love, a struggle that is deep in the roots of this country, bound up in the sinew of Detroit.

In the Media

Nonprofit Quarterly
June 11, 2015

As Detroit continues to rebound and rebuild from the Great Recession and its historic bankruptcy woes, entrepreneurs are playing a critical role. And one particular subset of entrepreneurs—those in the food business—are finding ways to help each other succeed, while at the same...

Corp! Magazine
January 8, 2015

When Devita Davison, her Brooklyn, N.Y., home destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, returned to her roots in Michigan, she took a chance and accepted a co-director’s position at what was essentially a startup, even though FoodLab Detroit is a nonprofit organization.