Detroit Grown and Made

In early 2014, FoodLab Detroit and Keep Growing Detroit (KGD) began working together on cultivating connections between the urban agriculture and culinary communities in Detroit, specifically with emerging FoodLab member businesses and urban growers selling produce with Grown in Detroit.

Our members now have the opportunity to source locally grown fruits and vegetables through Grown in Detroit's network of urban growers. We are also hosting field days at the Plum Street Market Garden to help educate our members on seasonal diversity and availability, the importance of sourcing locally, and connecting with local growers. 

Detroit Grown & Made

The Detroit Grown & Made campaign is an exciting step towards new local systems. Detroit Grown & Made is a unique collaboration between FoodLab Detroit and KGD that connects specialty food makers, processors, and distributors to a network of urban growers in Detroit. The chefs, bakers, caterers, jam-makers, and business owners of FoodLab take veggies, berries, fruits, and herbs straight from the hands of KGD's many growers to create special edition products. And when we say special edition, we mean if you're not here right now they may be only a memory already!

By purchasing a product with the Detroit Grown & Made label, you are supporting Detroit-based food businesses and the many farms and gardens of local growers. And, by virtue of that, you are contributing to the well-being of a dynamic and vibrant food system in the city of Detroit. Follow us on facebook to find the latest products! 

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In the Media

Crain's Detroit Business
June 21, 2016
3 Detroit nonprofits focus on making city healthy

Little did former Detroit Mayor Hazen Pingree know in 1894 that his fervor for growing produce in Detroit would return in 2016. But that is exactly what is happening, according to three Detroit nonprofits at the 24th Annual Congress for New Urbanism.  

Nonprofit Quarterly
June 11, 2015

As Detroit continues to rebound and rebuild from the Great Recession and its historic bankruptcy woes, entrepreneurs are playing a critical role. And one particular subset of entrepreneurs—those in the food business—are finding ways to help each other succeed, while at the same...