Who We Are


FoodLab members are at the heart of FoodLab. We’re a diverse group of locally-owned food businesses -- caterers, bakers, picklers, distributors, corner stores, cafes -- who support each other in the process of growing and improving our individual businesses, and who are committed to taking active steps together towards a more delicious, healthy, fair, and green food economy in Detroit.

Allies & Partners

Though we believe that our food businesses can play a key role in growing a food system that serves all Detroiters, we know there are many challenges we can’t tackle alone. We consider ourselves part of a larger movement and strive to develop new programs, projects and services in a way that builds on the assets of organizations, public service agencies, community leaders, eaters, and businesses in other industries. We intentionally maintain relationships with allies and partners who share our values and mission.


We strive to create opportunities for FoodLab members to take on leadership roles at many levels, from helping to organize a Community Action, to facilitating a workshop, to telling our story to the press. Supporting them, our formal leadership groups -- staff, steering committee, and board -- harness and coordinate the wisdom and energy of our diverse community towards common goals and balance between daily priorities and long-term vision.