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FoodLab members are specialty food makers, processors, retailers, and distributors operating in Metro Detroit, who are actively running or in the process of starting a business, and who share a long-term vision for a more healthy, fair, and green food economy in our region. Through our food businesses, we make connections, build relationships, improve our businesses, and create opportunity.  

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Being a FoodLab member means being active and engaged in cultivating relationships to build collective well-being. We are conscious of our impact on the natural environment and neighborhoods. We commit to each other, and to a culture of sharing and learning day-by-day what it means to be a good food business owner in Detroit. We make mistakes. We don't agree on everything. But we're are open and work hard to operate our businesses in a manner that is joyful, generous, and worthy of our community's trust. We do our best to hold ourselves accountable to all Detroiters and, in that, they work together to cultivate a diverse membership (race, age, gender, beliefs, business type and size, income) to benefit people from all neighborhoods and backgrounds.

FoodLab members are your neighbors, your family, your friends. We're everyday people looking to make a living and contribute to the communities where we live. 

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With the growing rate of food entrepreneurs and new food businesses popping-up across Detroit neighborhoods, owners are looking to develop a sense of community with their colleagues in the food industry. At FoodLab, we believe this interest has developed from a desire to exchange ideas, get...

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