Partners, Funders, & Allies

If you support our work, share our vision that good food should be healthy, affordable, fair and sustainable for all and are interested in working with us in some way, consider becoming an ally or partner.


Good Food Partners are businesses and organizations with whom FoodLab has a formal and ongoing relationship: working together on a project or ongoing program, sharing space, or exchanging resources. Contact us at info [at] if you are interested in a potential partnership.

Current FoodLab partners include:

Allied Media Projects - Allied Media Projects (AMP) cultivates media strategies for a more just, creative and collaborative world serving a network of media makers, artists, educators, and technologists working for social justice. Partnership - FoodLab Detroit and AMP have partnered together to provide locally sourced meals and snacks during AMP’s yearly conference, as well as offering programming through the conference, including FoodLab’s 2017 Network Gathering.






We are grateful to the many sponsors and funders who have made FoodLab's work and projects possible, including:





FoodLab Allies are individuals who are not members, but who support our vision in some practical way, for instance: spreading the word and supporting FoodLab member businesses, volunteering time and talent, passing along resources and connections, serving on our advisory board, or donating money. Our current allies include local business owners, journalists, students, local and state officials, economic development professionals, graphic designers, activists in Detroit and elsewhere, and many other individuals who care about good food in the Detroit region.

Click here to sign up as an ally.

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Good Food. Good Jobs. Throughout the first two collaborative work sessions, FoodLab Detroit's community of good food entrepreneurs, with the help of The Work Department, was able to develop a set of guiding principles and expectations for food...

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In the Media

July 10, 2018
Launching & Running a Hobby Food Business At Farmer's Markets

Do you have a family recipe that your friends and family just rave about? Do you have the passion, desire and motivation to start your own food business at a local market? Join our Launching and Running a Hobby Food Business at Local Markets workshop series that explores storytelling, crafting...
June 29, 2018
FoodLab Detroit July Open House with Lester Gouvia: Join us for breakfast!
FoodLab's Open House is a great informational session for folks who want to learn more about FoodLab Detroit. Each Open House includes a overview of FoodLab Detroit, a presentation by a current FoodLab member businesses, and each session focuses on a different FoodLab Guiding principle....
June 26, 2018
FoodLab Detroit

HEALTH, FOOD AND THE RECOVERY OF DETROIT — One of the standout speakers at Aspen Ideas/Spotlight Health over the weekend was Devita Davison, executive director of FoodLab Detroit, a membership-based nonprofit that is using food as a way to improve the health of Detroiters — and...